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Brrrrrrr – this was a cold day in Buncrana, Seosaimhin and Kevin got together with Connor for a catch up and quick pre wedding shoot before we shot their big day on 31st December. Seosaimhin and Kevin had only arrived back from Australia so I’m sure they where feeling the cold more than we were, but just ten minutes got some lovely images, and a bit of practice for the wedding day 🙂

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Doing lots of catch up blogging at the minute! Here’s Anita and Joe’s very elegant Peacock colour, vintage inspired wedding. Their Wedding took place at An Grianan Hotel in Burt, Co Donegal in March 2013Anita and Joe wanted a very different feel to their wedding photography, they braved the very cold weather at Fahan Marina, but instead of just going to the old pier, we took a wander around the boat yard! As it happened, the colours of the boats worked so well with Anitas wedding colours and we got some amazing images. PS. I just loved the car!!!

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How much do we just LOVE this couple! We’ve got to know Angela & Stephen quite well this past year or so (and love Angela’s little visits to the studio!) Their wedding took place at The Mill Park Hotel in Donegal Town on one of the hottest days in 2013, and I must say, is right up there with one of the best, most personal, beautiful ceremonies we have ever had the pleasure of photographing. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house (including mine!) from laughter to lots and lots of love.

Angela and Stephen then chose to head over to Salthill Gardens in Mountcharles for their photoshoot, an absolutely amazing place for photography at anytime of year (we were previously there in March for a very cold wedding shoot – which Ill post soon). I could go on and on about these two, but I think the images speak for themselves xxxA&S  009 A&S  015 A&S  030 A&S  044 A&S  047 A&S  053 A&S  061 A&S  068 A&S  095 A&S  101 A&S  102 A&S  112 A&S  117 A&S  127 A&S  130 A&S  133 A&S  135 A&S  136 A&S  140 A&S  150 A&S  171 A&S  176 A&S  197 A&S  200 A&S  208 A&S  213 A&S  219 A&S  232 A&S  240 A&S  274 A&S  280 A&S  291 A&S  297 A&S  303 A&S  306 A&S  319 A&S  327 A&S  328 A&S  340 A&S  361 A&S  363 A&S  368 A&S  370


It was a wet, windy and very cold day just after Christmas in Donegal, a far cry from the weather Tara and Paul are used to in Australia! But, nothing was going to dampen this couples spirits.

We visited a nervous Paul at his parents home in Derrybeg in the morning, then to meet a very relaxed  bride Tara and her family in Gweedore. The intimate ceremony took place in the very beautiful Sacred Heart Church in Dunlewey at the foot of Mount Errigal, with some very funny moments when Tara forgot which hand Pauls wedding ring was supposed to be on!

The wedding cars then whisked the bridal party away to a beautiful Glenveagh National Park  for the main photoshoot, and I must say the bridal party were amazing because it was pretty cold and windy, but as you can see, we got some lovely (and some dramatic) shots.

The reception venue was at Danny Minnies in Annagry, which we had never been to before, but were really impressed with the cosy, homely feel, the food looked (and smelt) amazing and the staff were so friendly and helpful. We hope that you all had a blast at the reception!

Here’s some of our favorite images from the day 🙂

T&Pbi 001 T&Pbi 002 T&Pbi 003 T&Pbi 004 T&Pbi 005 T&Pbi 006 T&Pbi 007 T&Pbi 008 T&Pbi 009 T&Pbi 010 T&Pbi 011 T&Pbi 012 T&Pbi 013 T&Pbi 014 T&Pbi 015 T&Pbi 016 T&Pbi 017 T&Pbi 018 T&Pbi 019 T&Pbi 020 T&Pbi 021 T&Pbi 022 T&Pbi 023 T&Pbi 024 T&Pbi 025 T&Pbi 026 T&Pbi 027 T&Pbi 028 T&Pbi 029 T&Pbi 030 T&Pbi 031 T&Pbi 032 T&Pbi 033 T&Pbi 034 T&Pbi 035 T&Pbi 036 T&Pbi 037 T&Pbi 038 T&Pbi 039 T&Pbi 040 T&Pbi 041 T&Pbi 042 T&Pbi 043 T&Pbi 044 T&Pbi 045 T&Pbi 046 T&Pbi 047 T&Pbi 048 T&Pbi 049 T&Pbi 050 T&Pbi 051 T&Pbi 052 T&Pbi 053 T&Pbi 054 T&Pbi 055



Many photographers in the wedding market seem to want to offer their clients nothing more than a disk of images, this works for them and I am sure it cuts out a lot of work in terms of album design etc.   However for us, handing our clients just a disk of images would feel like we are cheapening the memories of one of the most important occasions in their lives.   Now to be clear I am not saying that there is anything wrong with just offering a cd of images,  for us however a Wedding deserves so much more!  The visual story of a couples wedding deserves to be  preserved and displayed for current and future generations in a beautiful album.  An Album is future proof in that it will not need to be updated when technology moves on, a CD of images has a very limited life span and hard drives fail.  With an album you just open the cover and step back in time.  If cared for correctly your children, your grandkids and even your great grandkids will be able to re live your wedding day.


Any one who knows us or is a client of ours will know that we are very particular about the quality of the products we offer our clients and for Wedding albums this is doubly the case.  This time last year we joined the ranks of a select few Studios that offer Queensberry albums.  The guys at Queensberry (based in Auckland New Zealand) share our passion for story telling and quality and they too believe that every couples wedding story deserves nothing less than the finest album.   Queensberry’s albums truly are the finest albums we have found, they are renowned in the photography industry as being the best and their products really have to be seen in person to appreciate how amazing they are.


Kathryn and Wayne like us believed that their wedding deserved the best and so they too (along with most of our wedding clients for the past year) decided to have a Queensberry.   They chose a 14×10 flushmount album with the stunning Pearl art paper and an ink leather cover.  Here are some images of their stunning album and some of our favorite images from their day.


Wedding Photography Co Donegal 001 Wedding Photography Co Donegal 002 Wedding Photography Co Donegal 004Wedding Photography Co Donegal 005Wedding Photography Co Donegal 006Wedding Photography Co Donegal 007Wedding Photography Co Donegal 008Wedding Photography Co Donegal 009Wedding Photography Co Donegal 010Wedding Photography Co Donegal 011Wedding Photography Co Donegal 012Wedding Photography Co Donegal 013Wedding Photography Co Donegal 014Wedding Photography Co Donegal 015Wedding Photography Co Donegal 016Wedding Photography Co Donegal 017Wedding Photography Co Donegal 018Wedding Photography Co Donegal 019Wedding Photography Co Donegal 003

This is another catch up on our blogging from a session at the beginning of the year – its hard to believe this little lady has a little brother now 🙂 This was her session for her 1st birthday, we did a cake smash at the end, which I think we love doing more than the kids! The messier the better I say! The composite at the end is a special product we do especially for birthday cake smashes – give us a call if you would like more details on it xxx

MMCD  003MMCD  017MMCD  011MMCD composite

We take photographs of babies and children – lots of babies and children – but their parents never want pictures of themselves with their children. We think its so sad.

Lets face it – none of us really like getting our photographs taken, or for that matter looking at ourselves in photographs.Your family loves you no matter what you look like (or think you look like). We allow ourselves to enjoy photographs of our children, but it denies your children the opportunity in years to come to enjoy photographs of you and them as a young family. It’s one of those things that’s really undervalued – usually they become important when something unthinkable happens.

So now you may be thinking that you take lots of family pictures, “we have lots of holiday snaps” etc – and now think how often is either Mom or Dad behind the camera taking the picture or worse still you tried the self timer method (we’re professionals and it’s never worked for us). So are the family photographs you have always of  your full family?!

Shows like “Who do you think you are?” show the importance of photographs. Professionally produced photographs will last well over 100 years (something our obsession with digital media can never match, but that’s a whole other story!!) and it allows future generations to look at the faces of relatives they’ve never even met, but still feel a real emotional connection with.

As most of you know – we have two little ones and we hate getting photographs taken, we find it just as stressful as all of you. But we make ourselves do it on a regular basis, because it’s not about us.

Food for thought…

 So we’d love to photograph your family to give you and your children lovely memories. You don’t always need to be in a studio – heres some we’ve done in the studio and on location – enjoy!

 DOD  013 IMG_5292 JMCG 003 SD  011

We were out in Letterkenny the other day when we ran into (not literally!) this little lady and her mommy – it’s been a while since we took her photographs and she has grown so much – but she’s still just as cute! Here’s some of our favourites 😉

SL 023 SL 016 SL 007 SL 002


Newborn Baby Photography by Pure Purple Studios

September brought us another wet day – but it didn’t dampen Angela and Jason’s spirits. Angela was so well organised and had everything under control and I have to say – surprised us all with her dress (Angela would be the first to say she wasn’t particularly girly!) she looked stunning and just like a princess  🙂 Jason and the guys looked cool and comfortable in their Converse xxAJ 001 AJ 002 AJ 003 AJ 004 AJ 005 AJ 006 AJ 007 AJ 008 AJ 009 AJ 010 AJ 011 AJ 012 AJ 013 AJ 014 AJ 015 AJ 016 AJ 017 AJ 018 AJ 019 AJ 020 AJ 021 AJ 022 AJ 024 AJ 025 AJ 026